Proofreading by J.D.s

There is a basic difference between proofing your brief and proofing the appendix. Whereas your appendix is proofread word for word to match the original, the actual text of your e-mailed brief does not change when formatted.  Your original work product changes only in style (font, margins, etc.), not substance.  We offer several levels of proofing depending on your needs.

• Initial Proofing

Our J.D.s catch and fix most problems such as case citations, spelling and misnumbered headings during the formatting process, especially while building the Tables of Contents and Authorities. There is no extra charge for this; Initial Proofing is part of our service.

• Enhanced Proofing

In addition we offer Enhanced Proofing where we thoroughly read your brief, looking at grammar, spelling, and little nits that are not obvious during formatting. It is a second set of eyes, and it is an add-on so you don’t pay for this service unless you want or need it.

Lani L. Williams

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Amicus briefs in support of city & county governments, focusing on environment, land use and telecommunications
Oconomowoc, Wisconsin

“ ...  convey the high esteem with which I regard Becker Gallagher. They are phenomenal at working on tight deadlines and producing an outstanding product. I had previously worked with other national printers who required significantly longer lead times, were less accommodating of changes, and less willing to work hand in hand to produce the final product. I would not consider working with anyone else.”

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