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6th Circuit 


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The Sixth Circuit has jurisdiction over the Eastern District of Kentucky, Western District of Kentucky, Eastern District of Michigan, Western District of Michigan, Northern District of Ohio, Southern District of Ohio, Eastern District of Tennessee, Middle District of Tennessee, and the Western District of Tennessee.    

  • Technical review of all filing rules 
  • Download via PACER all appendix docs 
  • Prepare & Index Appendix (if needed)
  • Review Brief for compliance 
  • Prepare Table of Content 
  • Prepare Table of Authorities 
  • Print, bind, file and serve all copies (when required)


We can either handle all of your formatting (brief and/or appendix), or you can send us a final copy (PDF) for technical review before filing.  We can ECF file for you, or you can file from your office and let us handle the printing, filing and service (if required).  Contact us for the specifics for your case.  

6th Circuit Brief