Printing and Procedure

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There are two approaches to printing briefs

  • Format and print briefs 
  • Camera-ready briefs


We have JDs on staff to handle formatting of your Appendix, Brief, Table of Contents, Table of Authorities, Cover page, and Certificates of Service and Compliance.  If you have an appendix, we typically format and proof the appendix in advance of your brief.  That way you will have accurate page cites to the appendix while writing your brief, and you will have more time for brief edits and revisions as you approach your file date. 


  1. If you have an appendix, please send that in advance of your brief, and we will provide you with a complete cost estimate before starting – brief, appendix, tables, printing, binding, filing and service. 
  2. We will then format, proof and return your appendix to you. 
  3. E-mail your brief text.   We will review for rule compliance and inconsistencies (case cites, headings, etc.) and then format and prepare your Tables of Contents and Authorities (our JDs will prepare the tables for you, not merely reformat your work).
  4. After reviewing your proof, email us your final edits.  We will make the edits and return a new proof.   After you sign-off we will print, bind, file with the Court and serve all counsel. 


E-mail us a pdf of your finalized brief.  We will review for rule compliance and print-ready capability and send you our comments.  Review, make your final edits and resend your final for printing, binding, filing and service.