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There is a difference between proofing an appendix and proofreading your brief.  Whereas the appendix is proofed word for word to match the original, the text of an emailed brief does not change from your original when it is formatted – it is merely in a different format (font, margins, style).

We offer several levels of proofing depending on your needs: Initial Proofing and Enhanced Proofing.

  • Initial proofing. Our JDs catch and fix most problems such as case citations, spelling and mis-numbered headings during the initial formatting process, especially while building the Tables of Contents and Authorities.   There is no extra charge for this service, Initial Proofing is part of our service.
  • Enhanced proofing. In addition, we offer Enhanced proofing where we thoroughly read your brief looking at grammar, spelling, and the little nits and inconsistencies that are not obvious during the initial formatting.  It is a second set of eyes and is an add-on so you don’t pay for this service unless you want or need it.